A low

30 minutes ago, I had my first low blood sugar while awake in years. I’ve had one hypo relatively recently where I woke up with a 3.9 which I fixed and promptly fell back asleep. I haven’t had any in the middle of the day since some time in 2010.

My blood sugar was trending downwards for most of the afternoon as a result of my correction from 12.3 and when it got to two hours post bolus (8.3) it looked like it would be borderline as to whether I would go low or not with the insulin I had on board. My CGM had double down arrows but had only got as far as 5.0 when I started feeling a little strange. My hands started to shake a little and my thoughts were starting to get fuzzy. I decided to test. The countdown seemed to take forever.


I’d been dreading going low for years. For a while it was the scariest thing I could imagine. I was surprised by my reaction when I saw that I was low; I calmly got up, went to find my lucozade, took a few swigs then went off to help my wife with the dinner. My hands and arms were trembling, but my thought processes were clear and there wasn’t any anxiety at all. I’ve had panic attacks about going low that were so bad that I couldn’t string two words together properly yet when it actually happened I was incredibly calm.

I couldn’t resist the urge to test after about 7 minutes and I was very pleased to be greeted with a 4.2; The lucozade worked and I managed not to eat every carb in the house 10 minutes before dinner was ready. I ate my dinner and only bolused for half of it. The method of treating lows I was taught is 15g carbs, wait 15 minutes then test again. If you are under 4.0, repeat, if not have 15-20g starchy carbs. I took half of my dinner as the ’15-20g starchy carbs’ and bolused for the rest.

The post-low spike doesn’t seem to have appeared like it used to either. The highest I’ve seen on my CGM is 11.0 at about 90 minutes post dinner so I don’t think I over-treated either.

I am very glad with how I dealt with this and now that I’ve proved to myself that I can cope with hypos properly I hope I don’t have to again for a long time.

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