Bleeding sensors

After just 4 days, I decided it was time to replace my sensor. It hadn’t really been accurate since day 1 and it was missing high BG levels which I really wanted it to catch. My blood sugars has also been creeping up, which I attributed to an aging pump site. This evening I replaced them both.

The new pump site seems to be working well, with my pre-dinner correction and meal bolus doing pretty much exactly what they were meant to. The site was only just 4 days old but there definitely does seem to be a tail-off once you hit 3 days.

I won’t know about the CGM until the morning as I tend to leave it in overnight before starting it.There was a “good” sign though; The sensor made me bleed when it was inserted. There wasn’t a lot of blood, and it stopped bleeding very quickly, as well as no pain. ┬áThis generally seems to be a good thing for a CGM sensor. The ones that don’t bleed at all are sometimes okay, but they tend to be the ones that die early. On the other hand, you don’t want the sensor to bleed too much as that would involve pulling it out and starting again.

It probably sounds strange saying that you hope something makes you bleed, and bleeding doesn’t guarantee a good sensor but it certainly isn’t something to be worried about.

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