It’s been a while…


I might have forgotten this site existed…

My diabetes control has been up and down this year. I’ve managed to get full funding of CGM by the NHS, which is awesome (and saves me about £250/month). It has helped me with my anxiety issues, to the point where I am living what approximates a normal life again. Since the last post here I’ve managed a trip to America, which I never would have done without the CGM.

My a1c has been creeping up again. At my most recent hospital appointment it was 9.1%. It wasn’t unexpected, but it doesn’t make me happy. So, as with about a year ago, I am trying to put in some real effort to getting my blood sugars under control again. Hopefully it will last longer than last time. I do have a stronger motivating force this time.


Last week I had retinal photos taken. I was expecting a letter back in a few weeks telling me that I have background retinopathy and that they’ll see me in a year. This is the same letter I’ve had from every retinal screening appointment since I my diagnosis 5½ years ago. Not this time. They have referred me to a local hospital for closer monitoring due to ‘changes of diabetes’. Reading this letter made felt like I had been hit by a ton of bricks. I had got used to the idea that I had background retinopathy and that it wasn’t progressing. It would seem that I was wrong. I called the screening center to find out some more information the next morning. They told me that it was still classed as background retinopathy although the changes were large enough to need closer monitoring. This eased some of my worries but I am still terrified of this progressing further. So I am hoping that this will be the motivation I need to keep me on track.

I am looking forward to trying out the new Enlite sensor which medtronic have just introduced. They claim that the sensors are more accurate and they have reduced the size of the part that is inserted by 80%. My first box of the new sensors should be waiting for me tomorrow.

I must try to keep this thing updated.

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