Lower numbers

Lower blood sugar levels don’t take long to get used to, it would seem. It has been a little over a week since the events which prompted my new drive to control my blood glucose. My average BG for the last week is 9.2 – both sensor and meter! My newest sensor has been over-reading quite a bit, so I suspect my actual average is lower. The first on my ‘new’ Enlite sensors is still in; It seems to have got a new lease of life. It isn’t particularly accurate but I can’t quite bring myself to pull it out when it is still giving some numbers.

Today I had a rather large lunch that was heavier in carbs than I should be aiming for. It caused my BG to spike up to ~17. Just a week ago, 17 wasn’t far from my average blood sugar and I felt like I could function normally while I was that high. Not any more. I felt like I used to feel when I hit the mid-20s. I am pleased that my body is adjusting to lower blood sugars this quickly. I feel much better with in-range BG levels, although my anxiety still niggles at me when I need to bolus for a large meal while my blood sugar is currently 4-6. It is something I am working on.

Wednesday will be the last chance I give this current sensor. Either it starts to give me more reliable numbers, or it gets replaced. 3 days isn’t very long for a sensor – I’ve had some last up to 12 days before, but I think I need my CGM to be giving me accurate numbers to be able to get the level of control I am after.

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