More on new Enlite sensors

The second sensor from my box of improved Enlite sensors was even worse than my first. I inserted it before bed and activated it the next morning. I was very pleased with my fasting BG of 6.2  (111mg/dl). My pump was less pleased. The sensor isig was only 6.1 and it usually needs an isig about twice the BG reading to calibrate properly. After the calibration error came up I tried again, only to be greeted by a “Sensor Error” – the sensor had died before it even started.

I called Medtronic support straight away and they were very helpful. They took my details and checked I’d inserted the sensor properly as well as requesting that I send the sensor back to them to be looked at more closely. They have also sent me out another sensor free to replace the one that died early.

I replaced the dead sensor and the new one is working far better. It is tracking my blood sugar very accurately and the new design does seem to have solved the problems I’ve had with sleeping on the sensor causing hypos. I will be incredibly happy if the new Enlite carry on functioning like this one. I hope I was just unlucky with the first two.

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