The impossible CGM graph

This morning I was very surprised to see my CGM graph was perfectly flat for the last few hours. I’ve seen almost flat lines before, or flat lines which completely disagreed with what my meter was telling me, but when I tested it was within 0.2 mmol/l of the CGM reading!

This never happens

This never happens

My porridge experiment has been continuing, and I am very impressed with my BG results. I think I have had the same result consistently enough to say that it isn’t just a fluke. I am regularly spiking no higher than 10-12 about 60-90 minutes after eating, under 10 at 2 hours and back where I started (or near enough) by 3 hours. I just wish I’d discovered this earlier!

My Insulin doses have increased a little further – I am now on 1u:10g carbs for breakfast, 1u:15g for lunch and 1u:20g for dinner. Breakfast and lunch are both almost correct but dinner still needs some work. At the moment I’m usually 4-7 pre-dinner, and I can’t quite bring myself to do the full dose of insulin when I’m < 6 due to anxiety. It is something that I am working on, and hopefully I’ll be able to get rid of my large evening spikes in the next week or two.


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