The Porridge Experiment part 1

For the last few years, I have stuck to a very similar weekday breakfast. For the past couple of years, it has predominantly consisted of 30g Weetos and 125 ml milk. I found that consistency helped with control but eventually it starts to get a bit boring and I was having problems dealing with the large fast spike that breakfast cereal brings.

Often I would spike from 6 or 7 when I woke up to 16 or 17 before my blood sugar started to drop again. I originally attributed this to bolusing after I finished eating and tried bolusing before I ate to give the insulin a chance to get in to my system before the cereal did. My blood sugar still spiked to at least 13 or 14, which is better but still not ideal.

After doing a bit of reading, I decided to try porridge. I’d heard mixed reviews of porridge as a diabetic breakfast. Some people are left feeling full all morning with a completely manageable blood sugar while others are hungry after 10 minutes with blood that approximates syrup.

As porridge has a much lower G.I. than breakfast cereal, I decided to leave bolusing until after I ate just in case it was far far slower than my insulin. This turned out to be a good thing. I dutifully calculated how much milk/water/oats I would need for 30g carbs, weighed it all out and put it in a bowl before putting it in the microwave to cook. When the instructions say ‘Place in a large bowl’, they really do mean it. The bowl I used was only half full when I put it in the microwave, but soon it was overflowing with porridge! Before I could open the door to stop the cooking, a rather large proportion of my oats were all over the bottom of the microwave. After clearing them up and letting it finish cooking, I tried to weigh my remaining porridge to have some idea of how many carbs were left in the bowl and estimated around 20g and bolused for it. I’m not entirely sure how close I was.

The porridge itself was nice and definitely filling. By the time I got to lunch I was only just about hungry again. The important part, however, was my blood sugar. From a pre-breakfast reading of 8.0, I spiked up to around  13.3, before dropping back to 9.7 pre lunch. While the numbers themselves weren’t ideal, a rise of around 5 is pretty manageable, especially considering I bolused after eating and wasn’t entirely sure how many carbs I had. I’m looking forward to trying them again tomorrow to see if I can do any better!

Porridge Experiment, part 1. Status: Success.

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