The Porridge Experiment part 2

Wow. I’m really liking porridge for breakfast!

Today I went for 40g oats, 135ml milk, 80ml water for a total of 30g carbs,  I managed to locate a large pyrex jug, capable of holding the best part of a litre. Apparently this still isn’t big enough for a bowl of porridge! Thankfully I managed to stop the microwave before any of it escaped. I decided to add a tiny pinch of salt and it really does make a big difference to the taste – I’m not sure I’ll need to add anything else to it.

As for the effect on my blood sugar level; I was 7.5 before eating, and I bolused just after finishing the porridge. According to my CGM, the highest BG I reached was 10.4, I was down to 9.5 at two hours post-food, and down to 6.9 before lunch! That is the best post-breakfast result that I can remember.


BG post breakfast

BG post breakfast

The small black marker on the lower left of the pump display shows when my breakfast bolus was. I was already rising slightly from waking up (which might be the next thing I need to look at). It was quite a gentle climb compared to what I normally see with cereal, so I guess the next thing to try is bolusing before I eat.

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